more profitable pricing

Add up to 5% more value. Or retain the same level of value and boost your revenue by up to 5% or more instead.

more operational efficiency

Achieve 33% increase in pricing capacity with 10 times faster analysis.

faster speed to market

Reduce the pricing cycle by 50%. Be the first to seize opportunities and defend against threats.

In this increasingly competitive market we are in dire need of ways to develop more profitable products while remaining competitive. This is exactly what Montoux offers us.
— Head of Pricing and Profitability | One of Australia’s top three life insurers

Enhance profitability

With faster and more detailed scenario analysis, you have the insight and time to find a significantly more profitable price. Montoux provides highly segmented profitability analysis, so you can optimize prices at a much more granular level.



Drive strategic pricing

Complete tasks that used to take weeks or months in just hours. With Montoux you can run, evaluate, share and compare scenarios in detail, quickly and easily. Find the best pricing that matches a proposed strategy within hours. Change the conversation from tactical to strategic and directly align your pricing with business strategy and goals.



Get ahead of the competition

Montoux is designed to grow your pricing maturity. It’s painless to setup and helps you translate complexity into clarity. With its advanced functionality, Montoux allows you to win more profitable business. Through detailed customer view analysis, you'll better understand who your most profitable customers are, long before your competition.



Reduce model risk

Montoux lowers model risk; it’s highly scrutinized, documented and completely transparent. It's also rigorously compared to your existing models during a straight forward setup process, so you can trust the results. In combination with Montoux's usability, this means you can set up products, assess product performance and perform detailed analysis when and where you want, accurately.



Streamlined Appointed Actuary approval

The Pricing Application doesn’t replace or change your existing valuation model, it complements it. Decide on your chosen scenario in Montoux, then pass it through the valuation model for easy approval by the Appointed Actuary. The setup process ensures that there are no surprise differences, so everyone is happy.

Montoux is perfectly positioned to revolutionize how life insurers price their products
— Richard Beauchamp | Partner, Deloitte