Condense your
pricing process
with one application

  • 50% Shorter pricing cycle

  • 80% Faster scenario analysis

  • Significant model risk reduction

  • Product benefits, pricing, commission structure, reinsurance and competitive analysis in one

  • Easy sharing and collaboration through cloud computing

With the Product Development Application we estimate the pricing cycle time to be reduced by more than 50% while enabling the business to run a more comprehensive range of scenario analysis.
— Grant Hill | Head of Products, OnePath Life

Why insurers are turning to Montoux


Cut product pricing time by months

Run, test and compare scenarios independently. Once set up, you can quickly run multiple scenarios with instant results. The application’s model transparency makes reviewing results fast and easy. Tasks that used to take weeks, or even months, can now be completed in hours.


Instant access to actuarial analysis

The Product Development Application gives you instant access to actuarial analysis in the cloud. This enables you to create products, assess product performance, and run detailed reports when you want, where you want.


Fast and easy collaboration

Forget tedious spreadsheets and manual cut-and-paste presentations. Now you can collaborate and share information instantly with stakeholders — on paper, projector, web browser or email — all with a few simple clicks.


Leave your competition behind

Faster development time means faster products to market. The Product Development Application provides real-time analysis of competitive data, giving you the power to pounce on market opportunities and swiftly enhance products as the market changes. 


Complements your existing actuarial processes

The Product Development Application doesn’t replace or change your existing actuarial system. It complements it, streamlining the collaboration process between product managers, stakeholders and actuaries — saving you valuable time and resources.

Only three clicks to see the financial impact of commission scales on profitability and competitive position.
— Charles Hett | Head of Actuarial Services Deloitte

Specifically designed for product pricing


Everything in one application

From product creation and analysis to collaboration and reporting, you can do it all.

Friendly interface

Intuitive design that is easy to use. Just bring your product knowledge and you’re ready to go.

Easy monitoring

Assess product performance instantly with up-to-date analysis at your fingertips.


Easy sharing

Publish or share information effortlessly with a few simple clicks — on paper, projector, web browser or email.

Access any time

Because the Product Development Application is in the cloud, you can access it when you want, where you want.