Understand how sales are affected by price changes in the market

  • Monitor your sales and competitive positioning in a highly segmented way

  • Automate the input of sales and competitive analysis data to make monitoring smooth and efficient

Understand how market activity is affecting the value of sales

  • Automatically create a clean, combined database of your sales and market data ready for analysis

  • Automatically execute analysis when new data is added to understand price sensitivity changes

  • Understand the share of changes in sales that can be explained by price changes

Always know how much you can gain from repricing

  • Market changes move your position away from the optimal point

  • Combined with the Price Optimisation module, our customers always understand how much they can gain from re-pricing

Be smarter than your competitors

  • Track your competitors price movements in detail and anticipate their response
  • Design pricing decisions that are more likely to stay out of sight