Efficient Frontier .png

Strategic pricing

  • Graduate from tactical decision making, turn pricing into a strategic process

  • See the efficient frontier showing the trade-off between, for example, sales and value (example above: black dot is the performance of current pricing strategy, blue line shows where various optimal pricing strategies can take you)

Define your own parameters

  • Define the metric you want to optimise, e.g. value or sales

  • Define detailed and segmented constraints with regards to competitive positioning, differentiation with other products, maximum price changes etc

Algorithmic optimisation

  • Montoux is the first actuarial technology provider in life insurance that can run optimisation algorithms across actuarial models,
  • Drastically speed up pricing analysis. The optimisation algorithms go through hundreds of pricing iterations in minutes. No need to wait for weeks until pricing analysts have manually worked through a few iterations.

Actuarial and Competitive Analysis of results

  • The results of the pricing optimisation process are presented in a complete, joint actuarial and competitive analysis run

  • This enables investigation and analysis of the performance of the optimal pricing decisions for fine-tuning