MetLife Japan selects Montoux for one of three Collab 2.0 contracts


For those of you keeping up with us on social media, you’ll already know that we were one of three winners at MetLife Japan’s Collab 2.0 at the end of last year.

It was such a huge validation of our products and vision, and we’re so excited about what this means for the future of Montoux. It was also great to see such an overt acknowledgment of actuarial software as a key area in dire need of innovation in general.

We’re sure the win speaks for itself, but for the benefit of our supporters and those following our journey, we thought we’d give a quick overview of Collab 2.0 from our perspective:

Collab 2.0 is an open innovation platform, run by Lumen Lab, designed to match innovative technology providers with the right opportunities within MetLife. We applied with over 100 other hopefuls, and were  selected as one of six finalists to travel to Tokyo for Demo Day and pitch our solution to a panel of judges from MetLife Japan and Asia.

The event itself was extremely well organized. We saw such a high level of commitment from the local teams, and received such great support throughout the whole process.

As one of three winners announced on Demo Day (December 8th) we receive a JPY 10 million contract with MetLife Japan, expanding our global reach into the second largest life insurance market in the world.

We couldn’t be happier to have been selected out of more than a hundred applicants as one of the three best solutions. It was such a fantastic acknowledgment of the value that Montoux brings – especially from the largest life insurer in the world.

From a higher level, it’s so good to see such an excellent example from MetLife of how to drive innovation in a relevant way that actually supports real change. And on top of that, recognizing actuarial software as a priority!

Definitely watch this space.