Clear and insightful output

  • Integrated competitive and actuarial pricing analysis
  • Detailed segmentation for a wide range of customer and product attributes
  • Key metrics parameterised for your organisation’s needs
  • Comparison of scenarios side by side for fast, informed decisions

Quick, easy scenario analysis

  • Quickly test different scenarios with advanced sensitivity functionality
  • Flexible and transparent Elasticity functionality
  • Rapid model run times leveraging the power of the cloud
  • Run multiple scenarios in parallel

Efficient, accurate setup process

  • Thoroughly tried and tested setup process
  • Best practice, transparent and rigorously reviewed actuarial modelling
  • Cloud based, no IT involvement required
  • Detailed and tailored actuarial output to speed up setup process
  • Consistency with valuation models evaluated and aligned with your requirements

Streamlined collaboration

  • Run live scenarios in pricing meetings to drastically speed up decision making
  • Make comments on scenarios within the application
  • Allows for access any time, any where from any device
  • Export into Microsoft Office and share in whatever format suits you
  • Sophisticated, inbuilt access controls and user management