Smart, powerful and easy to use

The Pricing Application comes ready to use, so you can start building better life insurance products straight away.


How it fits into the product development process


Actuaries configure the application

It comes complete with out-of-the-box actuarial modelling that you can use right away, and your actuaries can configure it to their own specifications in minutes.


The pricing team runs scenarios

The pricing team can run scenarios, with full control of performance parameters, to identify the best scenarios for the highest competitive advantage.


Assess and confirm the product

Stakeholders can then assess the strongest scenarios within the application, before they are presented to the actuarial team for confirmation.

This is the first tool that I’ve seen that allows for a customer focussed view when it comes to pricing, we can now move away from a purely product driven perspective
— Head of Pricing and Profitability | One of Asia Pacific’s most prominent life insurers

Do everything with one application


Define the benefits, pricing, commission structure and reinsurance of a product.

Run, test and assess different scenarios, with settings configurable by your own actuaries.

Monitor and assess the performance of new or existing products.


Quickly analyze and compare your products against your competition.

Share and collaborate with stakeholders easily and effortlessly.

The Montoux Pricing Application provides high transparency making it so fast and easy to review modelling results, saving hours and days of frustration.
— Pricing Manager | One of Asia Pacific's most prominent life insurers