As a business actuary, Montoux’s founder and CEO Klaas Stijnen saw first-hand the challenges experienced by the insurance industry when it came to product development. Existing actuarial modelling tools are cumbersome to use. The collaboration process is time-consuming and labour-intensive, and actuarial insights aren’t used to their maximum advantage. This stifles innovation and eats up precious time for getting products to market. Klaas knew there had to be a better way, and so Montoux was born.


Our Board


Klaas Stijnen (CEO and Founder)

Klaas is a specialist financial modeller, business actuary, and consultant with over a decade of experience working with some of the world’s largest insurance brands in Europe and Asia, including PWC and Deloitte.

Serge van Dam (Chairman)

Serge is a full time director of multiple high growth tech companies. He was previously CMO of M-Com, driving its growth to be the world’s leading mobile banking platform - acquired by NASDAQ-listed Fiserv in 2011. 


Sam Knowles

Sam was the founding CEO of KiwiBank, and has worked extensively in governance for growth companies, including as chairman at Xero and a Director of SLI Ltd, both publicly listed companies.

Charles Hett

Charles has wide-ranging experience of Financial Services businesses internationally; both as a consultant and in various insurance company roles. Now, Charles is the Head of Actuarial services at Deloitte, a team which he established and has led since 2008.


As well as guiding strategic direction, all board members are also investors.


Our Vision


To revolutionize the insurance industry by liberating actuarial information and creating better ways to work.


Prominent Investors

Montoux’s investors collectively represent a wealth of knowledge and influence across the financial and tech sectors. A few of Montoux’s most prominent benefactors include:

Life Direct Founders (Conor Sligo and Tim von Dadelszen)

Conor and Tim founded insurance comparison site LifeDirect back in 2005, which they rapidly grew into a thriving business before selling to TradeMe in 2013. Both now invest in high growth financial and tech companies.

Shamubeel Eaqub

Shamubeel is a principal economist and one of the most prominent thought leaders in his field. He is also an author, media commentator and a respected public speaker, who has made huge contributions to public discourse in economics and finance.


Our philosophy


Freedom to innovate

We believe innovation is core to business sustainability and success. This is particularly true for the insurance industry, where being first to market is critical to remain competitive. Creating better products, and bringing them to market faster than competitors is key to profitability and long-term success.

This is why Montoux created the Life Insurance Pricing Application. We want to give insurers the freedom to innovate quickly, easily and independently, without the hassles and frustrations traditionally associated with developing a new product.

Actuarial, product, and competitive insights are available instantly, empowering insurance companies with the right knowledge and tools to innovate when and how they want.


Simplicity is key

Simplicity has always been key in our application design.

We believe technology is about making life easier. So the application is designed to be really easy to use, with an intuitive design that both technical and non-technical users can benefit from.

What’s more, the application lives in the cloud so it’s quick and simple to get set up, access information, collaborate, and make decisions when you need. Simplicity is key, and that’s something we do really well.

We love our people

At Montoux, some of the most highly skilled people in the field are working on building the best applications for the business community.

We have a fun and professional working environment where everyone has the freedom to innovate. Montoux is about more than product design; we are a group of driven, like-minded experts with a shared vision and purpose, and our people are the most important aspect of Montoux: the founders maintain a workplace they would be happy to be an employee in themselves.